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Jobseekers FAQ - DoToJob


How does DoToJob work?

DoToJob acts as a link between Jobseekers and employers. Through the website, companies look for workers to fill their vacancies, and Jobseekers apply to job offers by sending their Resume. In order to apply to the ads in DoToJob you only need to register and upload your Resume by completing the registration form.

Is DoToJob involved in the selection process?

DoToJob is a job board where employers publish their ads and Jobseekers apply to them by sending their Resumes directly to the companies. DoToJob does not intervene at all in the selection process.

Jobseekers FAQ

How can I create my Resume?

If you had already uploaded your Resume to DoToJob there is no need to introduce it again. You can log in with your e-mail and password here to edit your Jobseeker profile. If you never posted your Resume on DoToJob before simply fill out this form to register and begin using our services.

Can I have more than one CV/resume?

Yes, Jobseeker allow creation of multiple resume for single user. You can log in to account and at resume section you can create multiple resume. You can choose the resume to apply for particular job.

Do I have to pay to register and search job at DotoJob?

No! DoToJob will never charge job seekers for anything. So go search, create job alerts, save jobs, apply, and post your resume online – it’s all free.

How can I apply to job offers?

To apply to the job offers posted in the website you must have a Jobseeker account and your Resume completed in DoToJob . If you have not yet created an account you can register here. Once you create your Resume you can apply for jobs with a single click on the button “Apply” that you’ll find below every job offer description.

How can I see if the company has received my application correctly?

You can see the status of all your applications in the “Applications” tab of your private area. The company has received your application correctly if the ad to which you applied appears in this list.

Why can I not see the e-mail address from the company to submit my application?

We have adapted to the needs of the companies. In this way companies can manage thousands of applications faster. Moreover candidates can be sure that by sending your resume via the “Apply” option in the ads Employers receive the applications immediately.

How can I contact companies, if I do not see the form of the company?

When you apply to a job offer through the website, you are already contacting the Employer. From that moment the company will contact you if they are interested in your application.

How can Employers contact me?

Companies can contact you using the contact details you introduced when you registered your Resume, your e-mail and telephone.

I was already registered in DoToJob, how can I log in now?

If you already have a Jobseeker account you can access here using the same login information you had before. In the “e-mail” field you must write the e-mail address with which you registered your account and in the “password” field your password. After logging into your account you can edit your Resume and apply to jobs.

Who can see my Resume?

Employers can see your Resume because you have applied to one of their ads or because they are doing a specific search in our Resume database. If you do not want your Resume to be searchable by Employers to whom you have not applied, you can change your privacy settings from your Jobseeker private area.

What information from my Resume can Employers see?

Employers can see all the information that you have introduced when you registered your Resume. If you update your Resume, Employers will always see the latest version, even by way of the ads to which you had already applied before the changes.

How can I update or modify my Resume?

You can access your Resume to edit it from your Jobseeker private area. If you modify your Resume, Employers will always see the latest update.

How can I delete my account?

If you no longer wish to use DoToJob, you can delete your account from your Jobseeker private area.

How can I change my login details?

Your login details can be changed directly from the “Settings” tab in Jobseeker private area.

I forgot my password, how can I access my account?

If you forgot your password, you can request a reminder here.

Where I can see the status of the selection processes to which I applied?

In your Jobseeker private area, you can see the status of the selection processes in which you are involved in the “Applications” tab. We inform you if the Employer to which you applied is selecting Resumes or is already contacting applicants.

Can I withdraw my candidacy bids?

If you have applied to an ad but prefer to withdraw your application at a later time you can do so from your Jobseeker private area by accessing the “Applications” tab. From the list of applications you have the option to withdraw your candidacy of any job offer. Please keep in mind that if you withdraw your application from an ad, you cannot re-apply to the same offer again.

We hear a lot about job scams, is DoToJob is safe?

Yes, all the jobs posted in DoToJob are safe and legitimate. We have a devoted support team that manually review jobs before posting and an advanced system that tips us off for any scam job.