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Employers FAQ - DoToJob


How does DoToJob work?

DoToJob acts as a link between jobseekers and employers. Through the website, companies look for talents to fill their vacancies, and jobseekers apply to job offers by sending their Resume. In order to apply to the ads in DoToJob you only need to register and upload your Resume by completing the registration form.

Is DoToJob involved in the selection process?

DoToJob is a job board where employers publish their ads and jobseekers apply to them by sending their Resumes directly to the companies. DoToJob does not intervene at all in the selection process.

Employers FAQ

How long do my job offers take to appear in the website?

All ads are reviewed by our editorial team in 24 working hours from Monday to Friday. Ads published by our Premium Service users, however, are automatically published and reviewed retroactively.

When will I receive the invoices for purchased services?

The invoice is generated after activating the purchased service. You can see them in the Settings section of your Employer private area.

What do my Ads’ status, pending, active or rejected, mean?

Ads that are “pending” are pending review by our editorial team. Ads in this state do not appear in the website.
Ads that are “rejected” were reviewed and did not meet publication standards. You can modify these ads to return them to the “pending” state to be reviewed once again.
Ads that are “active” are visible on the web and can receive applications from interested Jobseekers.

Why was my Ad rejected?

All Ads go through a review process before publication. The reasons for rejecting an ad are:
– lack of information on about the position: if the ad does not contain enough information such as the description of the duties of the position, or the experience and requirements asked of the applicants, it may be rejected by our team.
– activities not permitted: the refers to activities or job positions that are not allowed by our terms such as sexual services, distribution of weapons and / or drugs, etc..

I was already registered in DoToJob, how can I access now?

If you were already registered as an Employer, you can access here by entering your email address or your username. Soon, however, the only form of access will be through your registered email address.

My company has not been validated. What is the reason?

If a company has not been accepted by our editorial team it is because it has not meet publication standards. The reasons for rejecting an Employer account are:
– the company has been created with incorrect information: if the data introduced in the registration form cannot be confirmed or is nonexistent, the account is rejected.
– the name of your company you introduced is confidential or nonexistent.
– the industry or activity of your company is not allowed: there are industries and business activities that are not allowed. Business activities such as pyramid schemes, sexual services, sale of weapons and / or drugs are forbidden. Companies that describe themselves in business activities such as these are not accepted in the portal.
It can also happen that the company is rejected because your Ads do not meet publication criteria or are fraudulent.

What options are available to post a vacancy?

You can publish your Ads in DoToJob in two ways, in a basic format and with our Premium Service plan. The basic format is free and allows you to post your Ads for a period of 30 days. To post an offer with our advanced plan you must purchase the Premium Service, which among other advantages lets update and highlight your Ads.

How long does a vacancy remain published in DoToJob?

Ads may be published for 30 days. After that period the same ad can re-posted again before it is deactivated.

Are there any restrictions to post job openings in DoToJob?

In DoToJob, you are not allowed to post jobs related to multi-level or pyramid scheme businesses. It is also not allowed to publish ads that serve to distribute, advertise or promote specific products or services. These ads will be deleted from the site before they are posted. To view the publication rules and conditions click here.

Can I edit or delete a published ad?

If you want to change or delete an offer that is already published you must access the “My vacancies” tab in your Employer private area. From there you can edit or delete your job offers. There are certain fields in the job offers that cannot be modified once they are published, such as the title of the ad.

How can I buy the Premium Service plan?

To purchase the Premium Service you must be registered as an Employer. You can select the subscription plan that best suits you from your Employer private area or from the Employer home page. After selecting the plan must select the payment method (credit card or bank transfer). If you pay by credit card, the charge is made automatically and your Premium Service is immediately activated.
If you pay by international bank transfer the plan is activated once we receive your payment in our account. This usually takes a few days.

How I can modify my Employer information?

To change your company’s listing you must access the Settings tab in your Employer private area. There you can change your login information (E-mail and password) and edit the information about your company. There are certain fields that are not editable such as Tax ID number.

How can I eliminate my Employer account?

If you no longer wish to use our services you can request the deletion of your Company Profile via our contact form.