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Axle Software Co. Ltd . (Hereinafter “DoToJob”) offers Internet users the Web Site for free, reserving some specific services to paid subscription or timely payment services. Access to and use of the DoToJob website is completely voluntary and it attributes to whom utilize them the condition of user.

All users accept, from the moment in which they access the Web Site, without any reservation, the content of these “Legal Conditions and Use Regulations”, the “Privacy Policy” and, where appropriate, the “Special Conditions” which may complement, replace or modify them in any way in connection with the services and content of the Website (collectively, the “Legal Conditions”).

Consequently, the user must read all the previous documents before accessing and using of any Service website at his own risk.

The user can access, print, download and save the Legal Conditions and other legal texts at all times. The Legal Conditions will be permanently accessible on the website through the link DoToJob Legal Conditions.

DoToJob reserves the right to modify without notice the contents of the legal conditions so that recommends the user to read them each time you access and use the DoToJob Portal.

DoToJob also reserves the right to modify without notice the design, layout and / or configuration of this Web Site, and any or all services, and add new services.

In any case, DoToJob reserves the right to deny access to this site at any time without prior notice to users who violate any of the legal conditions that apply to them.


This Regulation of Use regulates the access and use of the DoToJob Website.

The purpose of this website is to make individuals seeking employment (DoToJob) contact with employers or recruiters seeking candidates for job vacancies (Employers).

Introducing a Resume in our online database significantly increases your visibility to Employers looking for staff. We make an effort to limit access to your Resume only to employers for this purpose, however, we cannot offer a guarantee. We will forbid access to the service to any company that makes use of this data for different purposes.

DoToJob makes the Website available to Internet users interested in those purposes providing the following services:

  • A directory of job offer ads classified by job function and location.
  • The free publication of job offers ads and the possibility of direct contact with people interested in the positions offered.

DoToJob can delete from the Website any content that contravenes the legal conditions, the regulations, or morality without notice.

Users acknowledge that it is not technically possible to achieve 100 %availability of the DoToJob Website. DoToJob makes every effort to keep the Website available as constantly as possible. Still, for reasons of maintenance, security or capacity, as a result of events over which DoToJob cannot influence (eg. anomalies in public communication networks, power outages, etc.) brief anomalies or temporary suspension of the services of the Website may occur.